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The Art of Public Squeeking by Doc Wayne

The Art of Public Squeeking by Doc Wayne

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Jam packed with hilarious stuff that you can do with a simple SQUEEKER! Just ask Dr. Earl Reum who is the King of Squeeking! It’s the sound gizmo everyone’s squeeking about! Squeek! Squeek! Squeek! Squeek!

The SQUEEKER makes your body parts squeek! Even those parts that aren’t supposed to! Over 50 different ways to use your own squeeker! Many that you haven’t even thought of before. Entertain your audience, people and your pets as well. Yes, dogs and cats love them too! Book comes complete squeeker. Published by Magic Smith.

This hilarious 48-page book by Doc Wayne will make the Squeeker the most popular comedy prank of the year! Includes gags, jokes, routines and offbeat ideas for the Squeeker in every public situation-elevators, restaurants, work, school…even at the chiropractor! Put the squeeze on it today!

Comes with one squeeker.

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