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MagiCard by Mark Jenest

MagiCard by Mark Jenest

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Keep this magical credit card in your wallet, and you’ll always be ready to perform spur of the moment miracles for random strangers. It’s packed with magic and gags, all built into a realistic looking credit card. The Mark Jenest MagiCard comes complete with the very realistic custom-designed credit card plus a fold-out 10 page booklet of illustrated instructions.

  • Ask your friends to imagine a color, an animal, and a country. the MagiCard 'influences' them to think of a Gray Elephant in Denmark!
  • Your better half turns your finances upside-down... literally! (Psst! turn the MagiCard upside-down to read the message in the account number). Upside down, the numbers actually read 'SHE LOSES THE LOOT"
  • Have them pick a card and shuffle it into the deck. Now reveal their selection in the hologram by turning the MagiCard on its side. It's the 8 of Diamonds! 
  • Ask someone, "Wouldn't it be amazing if your name suddenly appeared on my credit card?" Look, there it is!
  • A spectator merely thinks of a number--it matches the date on your credit card! Its the famous 1089 number force with a motivated premise.
  • The back of the card has some fun bits too - check it out!

Honestly, when you have to entertain people for a few minutes, and you have nothing but your wallet on you, you'll be glad you can reach in and pull out the MagiCard! It's a lifesaver that always kills!


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