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Double Cross Holster

Double Cross Holster

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The Double Cross Holster is the ideal way to carry Double Cross. The holster is a 3D printed sleek black tube that hides unseen under your coat, held in place with powerful neodymium magnets. 

The Double Cross Holster allows you to effortlessly produce your Double Cross at a moments notice. And as soon as you finish the routine, you can reholster the prop with zero fumbling - and you're set to go again. 

  • Conveniently stores your DC anywhere inside your coat.
  • Frees up your pockets for other effects.
  • Allows you to quickly remove and replace DC without fumbling.
  • Prevents the putty from staining your clothes
  • Keeps pocket lint off the putty so its always sticky and ready to go.
  • Powerful magnets keep the holster secure - it stays put wherever it's attached.

The holster works for all Sharpies, so you can use it with any other normal or gimmicked Sharpie - like MagicSmith's Super Sharpie.

Available in 3 styles:

  1. The Holster by itself - includes powerful mounting magnets and removable rubber stopper.
  2. The Holster with a backup Double Cross X-Stamper inside.
  3. The Holster with a backup Super Sharpie Secret Writer inside.

Double Cross and Super Sharpie sold separately.

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