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Pearl Poodle by TC Clifford

Pearl Poodle by TC Clifford

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Smiles, chuckles, oohs and aahs are what await you when you perform this delightful little effect. Give these little Pearl Poodles out to your spectators - they'll never forget you!

After you've concluded your set of magic, announce that you'd like to leave a little gift before you depart. Produce a small strand of pearls from your pocket. With just a few quick twists of the pearls, you transform the strand into a tiny pearl poodle, which you hand an audience member to keep!

Here are some great ideas with the Pearl Poodle:

  • Produce the poodle from a thumbtip - so he appears like magic!
  • Use a squirt ring - say he's not quite housebroken.
  • Drop a single pearl in their hand - he had an accident! 
  • Say 'rollover' and he simply falls over in your hand.
  • Tie your business card to the poodle's neck as you give it out for a souvenir - they'll never forget the little doggy - or you!

The Pearl Poodle comes with pearls (enough to make 25 poodles), step by step illustrated instructions plus patter by Doc Wayne. Oh yeah, we throw in a completely twisted pearl poodle - for your perusal!

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